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Power Drive Solutions

Cabinet or wall mounted | Water- or Air-cooled

Robust and reliability are the key words for the development of these series of variable speed drives. Together with our partner Fuji Electric we are able to deliver sustainable drive solutions with when needed special software for your dedicated applications.

Complete product ranges in air - or water cooled series including filtering, active front-end solutions completely commissioned at your production plant. Up to 8MW are we able to engineer your drive solution, commission and service 24/7 each a week of the year.

3 to 5 years warranty.

Air Cooled Drive Solutions

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Beyond expectations

The name is more than clear, this drives has functionality for pump applications. Special functions include sleep & wake up functions, PID control with or without feedback, real time clock, dry run and more.

These drives are available up to 710 kW in IP00 or in a robust IP55 or IP20 housing up to 90 kW.


An all-rounder

The FRENIC HVAC series is the dedicated inverter for HVAC that features functions and performances offering the optimal thermal environment for people working in the building by keeping the energy consumption in various devices (compressor, condenser water pump, AHU and others) to the minimum. 

These drives are available up to 710 kW in IP00 or in a robust IP55 or IP20 housing up to 90 kW.

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Exstreme conditions

The Ace series offers optimum capability in terms of energy saving for HVAC and water pumping applications. Its user friendliness, network compatibility, and long-term reliability are beneficial for long-run performance of systems.

Furthermore, with using customized logic, FRENIC-Ace-H enables to tailor its functionalities for specific requirements at each application.


Save energy to support Green Building.

In 2005, Fuji Electric designed the first FRENIC-Lift inverter to fulfill the requirements of lift applications. FRENIC-Lift is nowadays the most preferred inverter for lift applications. By using the experiences in the market, we have now developed the upgraded version of FRENIC-Lift: smaller but smarter.



The High Performance Multifunctional Inverter

FRENIC-MEGA, which is the successor of former G11S series and named as a “Maximum Engineering for Global Advantage”, is a high performance, multifunctional inverter Fuji Electric has developed by gathering the best of its technologies. With the flexibility and functionality to support a wide range of applications on all types of mechanical equipment, FRENIC-MEGA takes core capability, responsiveness, environmental awareness, and easy maintenance to the next level.

Cabinet Solutions

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Water Cooled Program

Up to 8 MW @ 690V

Air Cooled Program

Up to 3MW @ 690V

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