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iMotor (IES2) | (motor + drive) 5.0 

The new line of maximum efficiency speed-controlled motors according the latest norms. 

The iMotor is an IEC standard or a customer-specific motor in which the frequency inverter is fully integrated into the motor housing. By using a different design of fan cover, we are able to intergrate the frequency inverter on the rear-end of the motor. 


Robust, simple configuration and easy maintenance are the fundaments of the iMotor. By using new designs in development we are able to deliver a productrange from 2.2kW up to 132kW.


As a standard IEC or custom made motor you have the freedom to choose an IE3, IE4 or permanent magnet synchronous motor. 

Designed in elegant Simplicity!

iMotor = (motor + drive)5.0

Product Features

iMotor Voorzijde.png


iMotors designed and manufactured in compliance with the international standards and new upcoming norms & regulations. 

Aluminium series:

Available from 2,2kW (IEC 100) up to 30kW (IEC 200).

Cast Iron series:

Available from 2,2kW (IEC 100) up to 132kW (IEC 315).

Special motor design? Please contact us. 

iMotor Middenzijde.png

IEC 61800-9:2017

iMotors are according the latest regulations IEC 61800-9:2017. 

In line with the latest efficiency classes:

IE0, IE1, IE2 for CDM systems;

IES0, IES1, IES2 for PDS systems;

This standard specifies procedures in determining efficiency of

PDS systems.

Protection degrees (IEC 60034-5 standards):

Different IP ratings are available like lP55 (standard) up to IP65 on request.

Upon request we can supply motor without fan in accordance with IC 416 or IC 418.

iMotor Achterzijde.png


Think different, act different!

Only one power - & communication cable, that is it!

No extra cabinet needed, less cost for maintenance.

'Designed in Elegant Simplicity!' 


Connection box on the rear end can be rotated in 3 steps of 90°.

Simple configuration - and monitoring software. 

The iMotor is flexible, several options are available:

                                                                - Different seals;

                                                                - I/O solutions;

                                                                - Different cable lengths;

                                                                - Power - & I/O connector;

                                                                - Communication options: Fieldbuses, Bluetooth.

iMotor Files

Please download


Overview of electrical data per output.


All mechanical dimension in one table.


Drawing of the mechanical construction.

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