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All About Us

Our Background

We are an innovative organization consisting of people with more than 25 years of experience in the development and offering of engineered Power Drive Systems (PDS) for pump, compressor, hoist and cooling applications, and systems for ships and trains. Motion and electrical motor control is our DNA.

As ‘Architects in Motion’ we drive integrated motion solutions co-created with our customers to become

more effective, smarter, without wasting energy. Together we create the Power Drive System for your specific application with our premium Fuji AC-Drive in a power range from 0,75kW up to 2MW or a dedicated designed iMotor wherein you benefit from a smaller IEC frame size, additional energy savings and reduced investments of your installation.

i2motion is the game changer for: compactness –  tough environments –  customization – extreme low & high ambient temperatures –  efficiency –  clean energy