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As the name 'architect' implies, we design, visualize and realize motion issues. Proof to the norms & regulations of the technical design concept and manage the total direction of your project as you are used to from us.

As a designer, we build the right power electronics infrastructure. In accordance with your wishes, we can make use of our electrical engineering partners and suppliers.

i2motion Group is an innovative organization consisting of people with more than 30 years of experience in the development and realization of power electronics for Power Drive Systems (PDS) considering AC frequency converters, electric motors and transformers.

If you can dream it, we can make it!

Whether it is a standard 1 or 3 phase drive solution suitable for extreme conditions or high IP rating, we offer, develop and deliver according your needs. Following the latest norms for Compact Drives Modules (CDM) or Power Drives Systems (PDS) integrated or stand-alone in cabinet, we can do it for you. 

Responsibility! Of course....on your request we realize turn-key projects incorporating hardware - or software solution.

'We look after your total process!': from engineering to commissioning.

See what we can do for you in the product portfolio below.

i2motion: Welkom

Product Portfolio

'Big ideas needs positive thinking'

Interested in our solutions? Contact us today! 

Created by People!


                                                                        or telephone +31(0)40 3046900

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IEC or custom made

3-Phase integrated electric motor & drive combination, standard IEC or tailor- made available with many options for communication, monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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Unlimited possibilities

Tailor made engineered drive designed for each and every application. iDrive is built according your design requirements built into an dedicated drive housing or as part of your own machine.


Drive Solutions

Air - or Liquid cooled

With our air- and liquid cooled AC-Drive series we engineer and build your reliable Power Drive System.

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Service 24/7

We are here when needed!

365 days! Twenty service engineers available to prevent downtime of your process.

Urgent! Please call:

+31 6 23262779 or

+31 6 23261788

i2motion Ambassedors


Always looking for the advantage for you as a customer. Bring solutions according the latest regulations and standards. Together with a team of experts contribute to your energy efficient solutions. We transfer power into your profit with leadership and experience.

Patrick van der Lied


Full of energy and looking beyond the horizon to co-create your Fit For Purpose solution which is attractive, durable and which differentiates. Innovations are realized together and driven by an open mind and a pragmatic attitude.


Motion is my life and driver. The key and starting point is the driven application and process in the full chain and not the individual components . I’m dedicated to work with you and hereby create the optimal performance of your system.

... or would you prefer to speak to someone else. Feel free to contact us!

                                                                         or telephone +31(0)40 3046900


Industrieweg 5
5527 AJ Hapert

Tel.:+31(0)40 3046900

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